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How It Works: Short-Term Loan Refinancing

What is Refinancing?
At Express Money Center, we understand financial difficulties aren't always cleared up by the time a loan due date arrives. Because of this, Express Money Center offers the option of refinancing* your short-term loan. To learn what short-term loan refinancing is available; please visit the cost calendar page.

What does it cost to refinance a short-term loan?
Refinancing varies on state policy governing your short-term loan. For specifics about refinancing fees in your state, please visit the refinance page.

How many times can I refinance?
The number of times a member can refinance a short-term loan may vary. For refinancing options available in your state, please visit our fee schedule page, which contains this information, by clicking here.

How can I plan a short-term loan into my budget and avoid refinancing?

Express Money Center encourages responsible borrowing from its members. Your financial stress and trouble can get out of hand quickly if you’re not careful.

At Express Money Center, we suggest that you only borrow the amount of money needed to get you safely to your next payday. Plan to pay your loan on the due date and budget accordingly. If you choose to refinance your short-term loan, make certain to adjust your plan to pay your loan and commit to closing your loan by your next payday. Your loan shouldn't lead you into further trouble if you make plans to pay if off.

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*Based on state regulation, refinances are not available in all states.

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